March Horoscopes



March: A happy month ahead! Lots of progress in your spirituality and your spiritual growth. This is a month for taking your intuition to the next level and this will pay off creatively. The first 3 weeks of the month are going to teach you about patience, not wanting to punch your sig-nig / boss or being able to get a handle on your kids. After the 26th, you can expect a big financial and social boost. Around the 15th you should get a lightning bolt of creative and spiritual breakthroughs. Mercury, your health planet makes a station next to Neptune from the 24th-31st — this is a serious spiritual healing aspect, time to call up your shaman or acupuncturist. Your health planet is traveling backward (retrograde) from the 5th - 28th, so no sudden changes in eating or fitness during this time. Your love planet, Venus, spends most of the month in Aquarius and your 11th house. This is more geared towards friendship like love — or you could be feeling more “captivated” by the thought of love, as opposed to actual love itself (you tend to attract those type of people). This position favors groups, organizations, and online presence; this would be a great month to make the leap with an online dating connection. Online connections are also great for your career this month: update your LinkedIn and post a hot Insta selfie. On the 26th Venus will enter Pisces, your 12th house. This is a strong position for you — on a cosmic level, social and financial magnetism is enhanced. Allow intuition to guide you in both love and finances.


This month Uranus moved into your sign on the 7th — it's time for some dynamic changes! Buckle up! Those of you born in the very early degrees and days of Taurus will feel the effects soon, but as time goes on, and in future years, all of you will feel it. These are amazing and positive changes, you will be more interesting and exciting, you won’t want to be so safe and conservative. You’re going to start to want to rebel a bit and that might not sit so well in love. If you are currently in a relationship, it might scare your other half to see you being “not safe” and a bit unpredictable. This will make them feel uncomfortable and maybe jump to conclusions and cheating rumors - you feel us, Travis Scott? Try not to be too big of a daredevil and chill on the workouts. Finances are good, but a little slow during retrograde (for us all) but should pick up after the 28th. Mercury makes an unusual station on Neptune from 24th - 31st pay close attention to the dream time or any messages that pop out at you.


Career is a main headline this month. Your 10th house of career is on FIRE, with 40% of the planets hanging out there. Your 4th house of family is empty at the moment, only the moon will move through there the 21st and 22nd. Family issues are not of any concern at the moment and you have a super successful and profitable month ahead. Mercury, your planet, will send the month in your 10th house personal elevation and success. Lots of clarifying career matters are clearing up and lots of progress forward. Mercury is stationed next to Neptune, from the 24th - 31st - major developments (positive ones) happen around this time. Pay attention around the 20th, as the career picks up, to make sure you rest and recharge. Your career focus might complicate the love department this month, but that’s ok, keep your eyes on the prize and this will work itself out next month. Communication is key with significant others and people you’ve just started dating — let them know you have huge opportunities ahead and need their support. The full moon on the 21st is an amazing financial day for you — your earning power is strong Gemini!



All the planet power is in the upper half of your chart this month, the only thing in the lower half is the moon (15th - 26th). All is in favor of your career and utter goals. Home and family will take a backseat this month, although they are supportive of your career. The sun will enter your 10th house and you'll take off into your yearly career peak. 90% of the planets are moving forward all in your favor, little crab. You should see fast results in your career goals and the financial planet in your 10th house signals money, money, money. With Mars in your 11th house, networking will be a great way to advance in your career goals. Health needs some attention after the 20th, make sure you’re resting and not overdoing it. Love still needs some work, try warming things up a bit. You have some rare Neptune aspects, so pay attention spiritually, especially from the 24th - 31st — the dream time will reveal some serious downloads and messages.


Love and career head off this month. Venus and Uranus are visiting in each other's houses; usually, the planets play nice when they are at one another's homes, and try not to offend each other. Venus will hang in your 7th house of love until the 26th, and while she’s there, Uranus, who is your love planet crosses your midheaven and enters your 10th house. WTF does that mean? This is all positive and means everything is working in your favor. This month and the years to come have an emphasis on love, it's high on the agenda — it's a good chance you’ll meet a love interest through work, a work event or a social network. Love becomes a bit more practical, maybe even a bit unusual. When career goes well, love will be going well and you can assume if you’re single, you will date up! If you're involved, your sig-nig will be stepping it up. Watch out for Mars in your 10th house, this may have you needing to defend your position and become a bit of a career warrior during this transit. Keep your money under control 'til the 28th after retrograde, like all of us, make your big purchases in the 1st week of April.


With Mercury in your 7th house, you’re acting very much like a Libra these days and your personal popularity is strong. You have some planets pausing in your financial sector, so a financial pause is in order, and then a small change in direction. But being a Virgo, your finances are most likely in order and a pause and restructure isn’t going to hurt. Venus is traveling alongside Neptune this month which makes it a strong and powerful love period. Venus will then move to your 8th house after the 20th, which will bring the pay-off of a loan, or give you the ability to take out a loan, depending on your needs. This is a good month for spiritual therapy on the throat - think about using Lapis or getting some acupuncture on your neck to keep you feeling healthy.



Health is the focus of this month and the planets are a bit stressed in this sector. Mars, your love planet moved into the 8th house on the 14th of February and will continue to stay there all month. Uranus follows Mars to the 8th house and will spend the next 7 years there. Love is very sexual this month. Uranus in your 8th house signifies initiation of experimentation, but don't forget, sexy little Libra, a good relationship needs a few more ingredients, than just good sex. Have some fun now, but I see some serious stability in your forecasted year. Online dating will work in your favor this month and career is not a huge focus in the early weeks of the month, but it will pick up after the full moon. This isn’t a month for any independent focus; your needs will be solid this month and your focus should be on others.


For once, lovely Scorpio, the focus isn’t on you! Personal independence and focus is weak in the stars for you this month. The focus is on others, and you're taking a brief vacation from yourself. It’s time to take some time for your love and your social life. Mars is now in your 7th house all month and on the 7th, Uranus moves to the 7th house as well and stays there for the next 7 years. I see a current relationship needing some serious mending and some work to keep it held together. In spite of some social change, the month ahead will be happy. Your leisure activities, to your surprise, might bring in some serious career opportunities. Your finances need some work, but things will get a bit easier after the 20th. On the 26th, your love planet, Venus moves into your 5th house — singles are heavily attracting the opposite sex, but perhaps the wrong kind of people. Have fun this month Scorpio, don't take things too seriously and watch your spending, things should lighten up next month.


The nightside of your horoscope is at its maximum strength. Only the moon will move through the upper half of your chart from the 14th-25th. Your 4th house of home and family are the strongest this month, while your 10th house of career is empty, except for the moon who will move through the 19th and 20th. You are a night person this month and the activities of this month will be most rewarding at night. Your focus this month should be at home, with your family. Almost all your planets are floating around in the 4th house, even your career planet. Your career planet is mobbing backward, so there isn’t much you can do right now, as things will straighten out with the planets, so focus on fam and friends. Health is a pretty big issue this month, nothing serious, just periods of low energy, so make sure to get some rest, even if that means an afternoon nap when the planets are keeping you up at night. Love for you sweet Sag is on hold, your love planet of Mercury spends the month backward in your 4th house, love is moody AF for you — just be gentle and hang with family and close friends, save the big love for summer.



Good developments for you Capi! Uranus moved into Taurus, your 5th house which is more conservative and thoughtful in financial matters. You have always had good financial judgment, but now it gets even better. This aspect also shows “happy money," money that is made in joyful ways and spent on happy things. Your 3rd house is where all the power is this month. Communication skills are increased this month and it shows huge success. Mercury retrograde will be affecting your travel, so make sure to allow extra time getting to destinations. Venus in your money house will bring some love close to home, hello neighbor around the 20th. Just be careful about shitting where you eat — this could turn into some trouble in the following months.


Sweet Aquarian, you are still in your financial peak until the 20th, and it's even stronger than last month. The sun travels with your financial planet on the 15th and will boost some bucks and with your current love and social contacts you can watch the doe roll in. Mercury is camping out in your financial planet from the 24th-31st; this should bring some luck and some inspiration to creatives. Uranus, the ruler of our horoscope enters the 4th house of family, where he will stay for the next 7 years. Mars has been there since Valentines Day and will stay all month. Our 10th house of career is empty with only the moon moving through — time to focus on family, emo health and wellness. With Venus and Uranus at each other's houses, there is a lot of cooperation and progress here. With Mars in the 4th house, this is a great time to upgrade your pad. Love is happy this month, bringing beauty, grace, charm and allowing personal appearance to shine. Our love planet in our money house makes us want to be equally spiritually taken care of, just as much as materially. Around the 20th when our love planet moves to Aries, we will feel more of a “love at first sight” feeling — your hinge/bumble will have you on dates and falling in and out of love all week.


A happy month for you little fishy! The sun entering your 1st house sets you into a pleasure peak that will continue 'til the 26th. This is a great month for job seekers, lots of opportunities will come with little effort from you. Love is happy but lacks direction and retrograde will slow things down. Health is excellent this month, self-confidence and self-esteem are at their yearly highs as well as personal independence. This is a "me first" kind of month. If you’re not here for you, who will be? Your happiness is up to you! If you create well for yourself, you will see things manifest in the next few months, with big pay-off results! Uranus finally left your money house for good, so money will be more stable and the sun has entered your 2nd house, get ready to make it rain.

Jenna Guadagni