April Horoscope


Aries: Another happy month for you Aries, when the month sun enters Into your sign you moved into your personal pleasure peaks. You’re still very much in this peak with a lot of opportunities that have come, and more coming your way. On the 20th Venus entered your sign, this brings happiness in love and finances. Love and romantic opportunities seem to seek you. You won’t be able to escape it! If you’re single, you can just go about your normal day and people will be throwing themselves at you. Those in a relationship can expect an influx of sweet messages and plenty of heart eye emojis, just because. Things happen in a similar way financially, it will be raining dollaaaa billzzzz . Your health is on point this month, but a nice massage may help things stay loose and limber, so you can be open for all the love you’ll be receiving. 

Taurus: The planets are kind to you this month. Venus has one of her solstices from 22nd to the 25th, she will take a pause in the heavens and then change directions — this pause will help refresh. You will most likely find a pause in your own affairs, but there is nothing to worry about, enjoy the break, I know its hard for you, stubborn Taurus, but try. You have a powerful spiritual level up around the 20th with your 12th house on a blazing path. This would be a great time to add some extra yoga/meditation to the line up of fitness. The Sun enters your first house on the 20th, and that means it’s time to PARTYYY!! Its also time to pamper your bod and give into some human treats, don’t restrict yourself for once! Drink all the wine, eat all the desserts and have seconds on fries. When the Sun enters your sign its good for the self-esteem, and self-appreciation — when you're feeling yourself, so are others, so you can expect the love department to be on a high. Money is good with Mars, your spiritual planet in your money house — when money and intuition get together, you can expect magic.  Mercury in your 12th house of spirituality reinforces all of this. 


Gemini: Some interesting developments this month for you, Gemini. On March 26th Venus moved into your 10th house and the planet super powers shifted from the East part of your chat to the West, this is the sector of the self, and while Gemini is usually a pretty self serving sign, self resilience and independence is even stronger, especially since Mars entered your sign and is there for the entire month.  Most of your short term career goals have most likely been met and you're having some extra time for friends and being the social butterfly we all know and love Geminis to be. Love and romance get better this month, especially after the 17th, buttttttt watch out for Jupiter, your love planet as it begins to spin backwards in your sign on the 10th, this doesn’t stop love, but it will slow things down. Health is great this month, but with Mars in your sign watch out for your tempter flaring up quicker than usual, especially when drinking. Finances are sound this month as well, no planets moving through your money house, but the New Moon might bring in little extra cash flow. 

Cancer: The power is still very much in the upper half or your horoscope this month, and your 10th house of career is very strong. Your 4th house of home and family is empty, only the moon moves through it this month, so there is no need to focus is on career for you little crabby. Mars is spending the month in your 12th house of spirituality, this would lead me to believe your career could take an upswing from charitable acts or altruistic kinds of activities. This would be a great month for a reading from an astrologist, tarot reader or psychics. Your health is a bit stressful this month, not so much sickness, just low energy and greater vulnerability, I  know,I  know, Cancer, you already struggle with this, but you might find it to be just a little more prevalent this month. Finances will be good as the Sun is still in your 10th house until it moves into Taurus, and your 11th house, the sun traveling with Uranus from the 21st - 23 may bring some unexpected expenses, but with it, the money to handle it. The big mission this month, get right spiritually and everything else will fall into place. 


Leo: You dear lion, are approaching your yearly career peak beginning on the 20th of the month. Venus, your career planet is having her solstice from the 22nd - 25th, she takes a moment and pauses in the heavens, says hello, and then changes directions. There is a small pause for you, allow yourself some stillness, and stillness is also a prelude to action. Your health is at a high, you have tons of energy, you’re on point with work and your progress is swift, almost overwhelming. Finances are amazing, Mercury moves forward all month, until the 17th, he is in spiritual Pisces, in your 8th house. This is a great time to do a money detox and Marie Kondo your environment. This will make room for things that actually spark joy. On the 17th Mercury moves into Aries, in your 9th house — this shows expanded earnings. The month ahead is SUPER successful, the ruler or your horoscope crosses your midheaven on the 20th and then enters your 10th house of career. You are above everyone in your world, you are in charge. People are looking up to you. Love is good this month, if you're single, you’ll have some important encounters, if you’re involved you’ll feel close to your love. This is a star studded month for you sexy Leo, take it and gooooo. 

Virgo: oh my Virgo, you are sooooo acting like your sister Libra this month. You have so much airy energy about you, and you’ve been a social butterfly, and in true libra fashion, you are learning about yourself through your love relationships. Your financial planet of Venus makes her solstice in the sky from the 22nd to the 25th, so a pause in your finances is in order, and a sweet and healthy redirect. She then enters your 7th house giving you tons of earning power. Pay close attention to your dreams this month as Venus travels with Neptune, bringing you powerful messages and lots of dreamy and sensual love. Health is good, and some spiritual services and/or therapy would benefit you from the 21st - 23rd. 


Libra: Libra is the sign of love, and is ruled by Venus, the looooovvvveee planet. So, per usual love is in the air for you as you have your yearly love and social peak. Relationships for you this month are everything, most signs would shutter at this (looking at you Aries, Leo and Aquarius) but you literally live for this. The day side of your horoscope is starting to brighten, which is illuminating your career sector, its becoming very important to you, more so than it has all year and its time to get serious about it. Try to set some goals and get serious about it around the New Moon on the 5th all the way till she is full on the 19th. Mercury and Mars and hanging in each-other houses this month, this leads me to believe you’ll meet a hottie at work or a social event. Your love planet goes “out of bounds” on the 21st and this reinforces the thought of having a love interest outside your comfort zone. Its all about the love and money for you this month, basically your favorite things come together, HAVE FUN! 

Scorpio: Hey Hey Scorpio! Love is a highlight for you this month! While it is highly exciting, it is equally highly unstable. Lucky for you, you prefer the excitement of love to the stability and aren’t taking things too serious. Love seems to be coming to you out of the blue!On the 20th, the sun moves into your 7th house of love, you begin your yearly love peak — a very dreamy and passionate romantic opportunity comes to you between the 9th and the 7th, but its all fun and games while Venus travels with Neptune. On the 20th Venus enters your 6th house and you see a co-worker in a romantic light, or someone at your yoga studio or gym. Venus in Aries at this time indicates a love at first site, impulsive kind of energy — a kind of leap before you look, it cuts down the courtship, but it could also lead to a serious mistake. On the 25th Venus makes a stop in the sky, she pauses your impulsive love decisions and gives you a chance to redirect. Mars moves out of bounds for you later this month initiating a chance to work outside of your normal capacity, allowing you to see outside the box for career opportunities. The Sun entering your 7th house shows you will be rubbing elbows with the high powered and fabulous. It is in your benefit to attend functions as it will help in promoting your career. I often see this aspect in romantic liaisons made to further one another career. All fun, games and parties for you this month! 


Sagittarius: You're 5th house of creativity and fun become powerful on the 20th of March, and it is even more powerful this month. You are in the midst of one of your yearly pleasure peaks. Joy is a powerful healing tool, happiness is a spiritual choice and it shouldn’t be dependent on outside circumstances.  Your health planet is in Pices and meditation is super beneficial for you this month. Your energy is going at 100! Yes, Sag, we know, you already have a ton of energy, but expect it to be more! The job situation is changing, this year, and for many years to come, but you have a TON of opportunities with the Sun in the 6th house, I’m thinking it may be in another county or with a foreign country. Love is smoother this month than it was last, but this month its all about fun. Its just a form of entertainment for you right now, but go for it! This year overall is prosperous for you, but this month is little rocky. You’ll find you need to work a bit harder to meet your financial goals. This will change little after the 20th, earnings will increase, and become a little easier. The planets have shifted from the Eastern part of your chart to the Western, and that means personal independence is lessened. On the 10th, Jupiter your ruling planet moves backwards which will weaken your self confidence and independence. This can be good, you can release some of your need to be in charge. Finally, allow others to have their way, adapt to the conditions as best as you can, you’ll have a good year little Sag — just chill and allow people to take care of you until you're on the upswing later this year. 


The power of this month is the 4th house of home and family, despite Uranus moving out of it last month. The night side of your chart is dominate now, this means you can get a-lot of work done throughout the evening. Use some meditations and visualizations and controlled dreaming (message me if you need some direction on that). Start to get into the mood and the “feeling” of getting what you want. The Sun moves into your 5th house, make sure you focus on your emotion health so you can enjoy all the rewards coming to you. Allow yourself to do things you enjoy. The Sun travels with your financial planet from the 21st - 23rd, this could indicate sudden money! Woohoo! We have your financial planet of Venus taking her solstice in the sky from the 22nd - 25th, so expect a happy pause and some good changes in direction 


Aquarius: A lot of changes going on in the home and family for us! From the 22nd - 25th suggests a need for pause and change of direction. We are in the midnight hour of our year, beginning on the 20th . Career isn’t a huge issue for us now, but with Saturn conjunct Pluto, our career planet this month suggests a need to further our career by getting involved in some charities we love. We also need to get more in-tune with manifesting through meditation and visualizations, this is more important than the physical act of getting shit done, and this is in harmony with our 4th House. We are in a preparation stage career-wise and we need to build on our internal levels as well. Our 3rd house of communication and intellectual interests were super powerful on from the 20th or March, and just keep getting more intense this month. This is an awesome time to do a weekend course or certification. Love is happy and healthy this month, your love planet travels with Uranus from the 21st  23rd, this could indicate a surprise meeting or love affair. After the 20th the Sun moves to our 4th house and emotional intimacy becomes super important. When the love planets are in these positions we get old flames coming back into the picture; this generally helps us clear old traumas, forgive and clear the way for new loooooovvveee. 

Pisces: Your financial planet is hanging in your 4th house this month, the place of home and family. This is a great time to do some work and renovations on the home. Spending on the home can also bring you some income. Mars has a stressful aspect to Jupiter — there could be some financial disagreements within the family and/or your career success could entail some financial sacrifice. Even though earnings are still good this month and you’re still in your financial peak! The 13th - 14th brings in some success in your finances via creativity. Love is soooo much better this month with Mercury, you’re love planet, moving forward. Mercury moves into your career house shows that your lover or social contacts support your career and financial goals. With your love planet moving forward into Aries, it shows a rashness to love. When this works out it saves a lot of time on courtship, when it doesn’t it blows up in your face little fishhhhh. Regardless, this month will help you develop fearlessness in love and social matters and no matter what happens, you will learn a beautiful lesson. With your planet power now at the bottom of your horoscope your career is on the up and up, so make sure youre taking care of your mental well-being this month because Jupiter, your career planet, will reverse on the 10th, so any career issues that need to be resolve will resolve themselves, You can safely down play career and do the work on and indulge in self love and family.

Don’t stop living in the stars,



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