Practicing healthy cord cutting is part of my daily practice. It’s also a service I  offer to my clients who are having a hard time letting go o attachments to people or situations. 

Have you ever noticed when someone is in a bad mood, you might start to feel the same way?  Its usually not someone intention to drain energy from themselves or others, so a “dis-cord” is healthy! This simple technique won’t cut people out of your life (if you want that, call me…lolz) this will simply allow you to cute energetic cords and unwanted energy transfers. This ritual will also help you stay in alignment with yourself.

What you need. 

  • Black Kyanite: Its said the Archangel Michaels swords was made of this crystal — it protects your energy field from relationships and people who feast on your positive vibrations, but offer nothing in return. 

  • Clear Quartz point: To create and activate a new energy field. 

  • Your phone timer

  • A sage stick 

  • Feather 

  • Abalone shell or fireproof container to catch ashes from sage. 


  1. Sage your area as well as your two crystals. 

  2. Hold your crystals in your hand and say out loud “ I  ask that the highest vibes of love and light connect with my highest self and clear all unwanted energy. 

  3. Find somewhere you can stand and be grounded and hold the kyanite in your dominant hand. 

  4. Your energy cords are connected to the chakra system, so start with the root chakra, and imagine yourself slowly cutting up and then down. Dont actually touch your physical body as we are working with energy. This will cut any cords connected with your chakras and sweep away unwanted energy that is carried with them. 

  5. Place the kyanite aside once you’ve finished and pick up the clear quartz with your dominant hand. 

  6. Fully extend your arm over your head with your crystal point pointing up, making a huge counter clockwise circle all the way to the feet. 

  7. As you do this, close your eyes and visualize yourself inside a ball of white white light and violet light. You should feel completely encircled. 

  8. Make the large circle 7x around the body — then go kick ass with your shiny bright protected aura. 

Jenna Guadagni