200 HR Teacher Training

Teacher training September 13 - January 26


Full program: [200 YTT & Energetic Healer Training] — $3100

Energetic Healer Training: $1200 (will only meet on weekends scheduled with Jenna)

Both programs require a $500 non refundable deposit. Payment plans can be arranged by personal needs.


What you’ll learn: 

Become a lightworker through Buddha Grove Yoga Teacher and Energetic Healer training.

It takes guts to live a spiritual life! Are you ready? Through this course, you'll be guided to make the shifts you need for your personal growth, as well as introduce & enhance your physical practice.

Send a BIG message to the Universe that you’re open to creative and new possibilities for a prosperous and purposeful life. At Buddha Grove Yoga, we would be honored to be your guides.

Our yoga teacher training will shake up your comfort zone and challenge your insecurities by inspiring incredible self-esteem and self-respect both as a teacher and as an individual. It is guaranteed to transform your ability to feel connected to yourself and to those around you. 

This type of work becomes very powerful when a group of people — ready to break open and reveal, come together for the purpose of enriching human experiences.


Here is a breakdown what you can expect with the course!

Teacher Training hours include a few Friday evenings from 6-9pm and weekends : Sat + Sun 1pm - 7pm. You’ll see the dates below, if a weekend doesn’t work for you, no problem, we have plenty of time for makeups, at no extra cost to you — as long as you let the team know in advance.

September 13th (Fri.) || 6-9pm

Introductions and expectations with Katrina and Jenna

Sept. 14 + 15 (Sat. + Sun) || 1pm-7pm

Asana and philosophy w. Katrina

Sept. 21-23 || w. JENNA

Sept. 21 || 6-9pm

Guided meditation and Fear Inventory Workshop

Sat. Sept. 22nd || 1pm-7pm

Intro to meditation w. Japa. How to lead meditation

Shamanic fire ceremony to release fear

Sun. Sept. 23rd || 1pm -7pm

Teach backs

Oct 4-6 || w. Katrina

Fri. Oct. 4th (Fri.) || 6-9pm

Philosophy w. Katrina

Sat. + Sun. October 5 + 6th || 1pm -7pm

Asana w. Katrina

Oct 25-27 || Guest Weekend

Fri. Oct. 25th || 6-9pm

Social Media; the business of yoga w. Lauren

Sat. + Sun. Oct. 26th + 27th || 1pm-7pm

Anatomy+ Adjustments w. Luis

Nov. 15 - 17th || w. Jenna

Fri. Nov. 15 || 6-9pm

Spiritual workshop + playlisting 101: How to guide your class through the power of music

Sat. Nov. 16th || 1pm -6pm

An introduction to your spirit guides through guided meditation. How to illuminate the chakras, for yourself and others.

Sun. Nov. 17th || 1pm -6pm

Teach backs

Nov. 22nd - 24th || w. Katrina

Fri. Nov. 22nd || 6-9pm

Philosophy w. Katrina

Sat. + Sun. Nov. 23 + 24 || 1pm -7pm

Asana w. Katrina

Dec. 8-11 || w. Jenna

Fri. Dec. 8 || 6-9pm

Manifesting with the Moon and how to lead circles your own circles

Sat. Dec 9th || 1pm - 7pm

Crystal 101 and Feng Shui

Sun. Dec 10th || 1pm - 7pm

Teach backs

Dec. 14-15 || w. Katrina & Jenna
Make up hours || workshops and asana

Jan 17th - 19th || w. Jenna & Katrina

Fri. Jan. 17th || 6pm -9pm

Sound healing 101 + Spiritual workshop

Sat. Jan. 18th || 1-7pm

Shamanic journey + healing; and yin w. Katrina

Sun. Jan. 19th || 1-7pm

Teach backs

Finals: Jan 24th - 26th

Mandatory attendance

In addition to fulfilling your homework assignments and contact hours you must practice or observe 3 classes per week. Your membership during training at Buddha Grove is complimentary and you can take any class at anytime w. any teacher on the schedule. You must complete all financial obligations and teach one complimentary community class to receive your certificate.