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Hi! My name is Jenna G.

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.

Instagram: @jduhnnie.

Words I live by: Nothing meant for you will ever pass you by.

Teaching Style: Music driven, high intensity power vinyasa.

Favorite Pose: Side crow.

Training: RYT 500, Pre-natal and Post-natal, Pilates reformer and mat, NASM, TRX, Precision Nutrition.

Outside the Grove: Hanging with her little mini, Stella, trying new workouts and online shopping.

Favorite Yoga tunes: Smooth and sexy R&B – Usher, Weekend and Miguel.

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Hi! I'm Luis.

Hometown: Miami, FL.

Instagram: @luisinmotion

Words I live by: There is no such thing as failure. We either win or we learn.

Teaching Style: Vinyasa.

Favorite Pose: Any & ALL inversions.

Training: 200 HR RYT.

Outside the Grove: Teaching around town & self-practice.

Favorite Yoga tunes/Mantra: Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.

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Hi! My name is Julianne.

Hometown: Edison, NJ.

Instagram: @where.your.hope.lives

Words I live by: Love Over Fear.

Teaching Style: Dynamic, Athletic, Alignment-based, heart work.

Favorite Pose: Wild Thing.

Training: Bala Vinyasa Yoga 200 HR, Fluidus Method 200 HR.

Outside the Grove: Find me basking in the sun on the beach.

Favorite Yoga tunes: Odesza.

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Hi! I'm Samantha.

Hometown: Sebring, FL.

Instagram: @samantha_digiacomo

Words I live by: Kindness / Where is the coffee?

Teaching Style: Vinyasa, slow, mindful, strengthening & restorative.

Favorite Pose: Reversed Warrior — I feel grounded to my mat the most during this pose & like that I get an amazing opening/stretch of the side body. It’s the complete package of strengthening & stretching yumminess.

Training: OM Movement 200HR YTT.

Outside the Grove: My modeling career, pilates, a lot of miles on my feet running & even more miles on the bike cycling. I’m obsessed with a good spa session (steam/sauna). In between all of this — its all about my people & having a good time.

Favorite Yoga tunes: A complete variety from Sade to Childish Gambino to calming sounds, whatever the mood of the day is bringing.

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Hi! My name is Virginia.

Hometown: Coconut Grove! (but, born in Argentina).

Instagram: @virgxx.

Words I live by: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” - Nelson Mandela.

Teaching Style: Challenging — yet accessible practice that appreciates the mental focus or concentration that yoga includes (Dharana).

Favorite Pose: So many!! I don’t think I can choose. There’s something to explore in each & every!

Training: 200 hr E-RYT, 500 hr RYT, trauma informed yoga, restorative yoga, mindfulness teacher certified.

Outside the Grove: I run an after school program that incorporates yoga, meditation, and character development activities for high school students to increase their self awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship skills, and social awareness. I also provide homework help to middle schoolers at the Grove’s Start Program. Besides hanging with kids, I love to do anything on or in the water, read & spend time with my family.

Favorite Yoga tunes: Hip-Hop, Rap, jazz & sound bowls !

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Hi! My name is Miriam.

Instagram: @mimilicious_mia

Words I live by: Love all, trust few.

Teaching Style: Meditative, Strong, Fast Paced for those seeking a good sweat.

Favorite Pose: Fallen Angel.

Training: 200 RYT Ashtanga / Jivamukhti.

Outside the Grove: The ocean & the sun.

Favorite Yoga tunes: Krishna das, C.C white

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Hi! I'm Patricia.

Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela.

Instagram: @patty_rok_flo_fit

Words I live by: There is no crying in baseball.

Teaching Style: Power vinyasa with props.

Favorite Pose: Triangle pose.

Training: Ignite Your Light 200 YTT.

Outside the Grove: Boxing, spinning, weight training, pilates & enjoying time with friends & family.

Favorite Yoga tunes: Fleetwood Mac & DJDre.

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Hi! My name is Mike.

Hometown: Scarsdale, NY

Instagram: @messesb52

Words I live by: What you put in, you get out.

Teaching Style: Power.

Favorite Pose: Wheel.

Training: 200 RYT.

Outside the Grove: Playing guitar, making music.

Favorite Yoga tunes: Every Bon Iver song ever.

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Hi! I'm Angela.

Hometown: Miami, FL.

Instagram: n/a — come & see me in the flesh at Buddha Grove!

Words I live by: Just breathe.

Teaching Style: Traditional Vinyasa

Favorite Pose: Ardha Chandrasana.

Training: Yoga High NYC 2009

Outside the Grove: Fam, friends & Stan.

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Hi! My name is Ani.

Hometown: Miami, FL.

Instagram: @animachado.

Words I live by: Take time to do what makes your soul happy.

Teaching Style: upbeat & nonstop — always moving!

Favorite Pose: all of the planks! Planks are such a seemingly simple pose, but engage so many muscle groups simultaneously — back, chest, shoulders, abs, glutes — you name it!

Training: Yoga Sculpt certification from Corepower Yoga.

Outside the Grove: When I’m not teaching, you can catch me around Miami working on my tan + new swimwear brand or at school in Georgetown, DC.

Favorite Yoga tunes: all the Latin vibes!!!

Flow with Ani ➝